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Welcome to  JulieMecca® Gallery,

I'm so excited to share with you the "NC Collection", one-of-a-kind collectors pieces!  There has been so much care and commitment poured into each piece encompassing my total vision,  from thought to stone selection to sketch to production.  My wish is to share the beautiful companionship of something so simplistic with an elegant all-natural gemstone, creating pieces to be worn with denim or dress.

All of the Quartz and Agate stones you will experience have been hand-picked and protected every step of the way. I hope you can see, feel and experience the range of beauty they hold. When I look at these incredible "jewels" I see a journey through water, land and the elements...the magnificent experiences that have come together to form such true beauty. I have paired them together with incredible gemstones that truly compliment the natural stone and elevate the mystical quality of the design.

I've always enjoyed jewelry and art...the beauty in finding little treasures hiding in plain site on the shorelines of our coastal beaches.  Like most beach goers, I'm a collector of rocks, shells, wood and fossils.   I had a unique experience in 2017, walking an amazing beach, as seen in the above slideshow.  While taking a wonderful sunset stroll with one of my daughters, I noticed the beach was aglow with these magnificent little stones. I could hardly pick them up fast enough!  Little did I realize that these incredible stones would be the focal point of my "NC Collection".   One morning, a few months after flying my precious pickings home, I woke from a dream that I was designing unique pieces of jewelry.  I took my dream idea to my dear friend and incomparable jeweler, Shram Bhanti.  As we discussed this idea over shiitake mushroom pizza, I was quietly anticipating his professional opinion of my collection bucket from the beach.  Shram carefully examined my findings and agreed that I was on to something.  I couldn't believe that someone I so greatly admired saw the same vision as me!  I was back on an airplane to search out a variety of Quartz and Agates for the "NC Collection"...and so this beautiful collaboration began.  

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Peace & Enjoy,

"Come experience unique and incredible jewelry and art...inspired through the shades of my life's journey." 

About the Designer  

My passion, motivation and strength for life has always been my three daughters: Samantha, Sydnee and Synclair.  My life's journey is very much reflected in the "NC Collection" designs. The many shades, colors, sizes, textures and depths to these beautiful stones speak to me on such a personal level.  The paths I've traveled have not always been smooth, however, I've learned to take in my present surroundings, appreciate and enjoy exactly what is in front of me.  I look to my amazing partner and our dog, Saige, everyday for that patience, strength and love surrounding me, enhancing the creativity in my art.  Thank you to my incredible daughters, Jim and close friends for supporting and believing in this pivotal, life-changing dream.  Thank you Shram, my mentor, for sharing my vision.  I am always excited to venture off to another shoreline to see what I can find and design...you know where to find me!
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